Die Metal-Videos der Woche vom 26.04.

Hier geht's zur Übersicht dieser Woche: Ad Infinitum ‘Outer Space’ Alleviate ‘Gravity’ (feat. Nik Nocturnal) Arroganz ‘The Origin Of Fire’ Asinhell ‘Pyromantic Scryer’ Axids ‘Axidpelliarmus’ Sebastian Bach ‘(Hold On) To The Dream’ Bodysnatcher ‘Severed’ Cognitive ‘A Pact Unholy’ Crossbone Skully ‘I Am The Wolf’ Evildead ‘Subjugated Souls’ Hammerfall ‘Hail To The King’ Haunted Plasma ‘Machines Like Us’ Kissin’ Dynamite ‘My Monster’ Lacuna Coil ‘In The Mean Time’ League Of Distortion ‘My Hate Will Go On’ Lucifer ‘I Would Follow You Babe’ (feat. Joakim Nilsson) Mortemia ‘A Thousand Light-Years Unfold’ (feat. Nicoletta Rosellini) The Mourning ‘Chaos Machine’ My Merry Machine ‘Extreme’…
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