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Nightwish nehmen ab Herbst 2010 ihr nächstes Album auf


Nightwish-Chef Tuomas Holopainen hat ein längeres Update zur Situation der Band abgegeben. Darin kündigt er unter anderem den Nachfolger zu DARK PASSION PLAY(2007) an – der leider noch keinen Namen hat. Hier das Update im originalen Wortlaut:

„Almost exactly 4 years ago we gathered into an idyllic place in the small village of Sävi to rehearse and arrange what would later be called „Dark Passion Play“. It was such glorious and inspiring times that we decided to do something similar with the upcoming Nightwish album called ………..

So again we are here in the deepest countryside of Finland beginning to create a follower for DPP. It`s just us guys for now, Anette will join the camp a bit later. We arrived yesterday and the reunion was celebrated with some water-skiing, bbq and Quilmes. I foresee the same trinity taking place more or less on a daily basis.

We just got the equipment and PA set up with the help of our legendary engineer / co-producer TeeCee Kinnunen and probably will start working with the songs in a couple of days. This campsite is so amazing we`ll let that sauna of a rehearsal room wait in silence for a while, and just concentrate on chilling out and catching up. And raising the official NW camp – flag high into the pole.

I have 12 songs completed now, but am still working with some lyrics. It`s been an immensely fruitful songwriting process, as well as very consuming and ponderous. But I feel more satisfied with the stuff than ever before. Don`t know if it`s a good sign or bad. To me the album sounds like a rollercoaster ride in a theme park designed by Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton and Salvador Dali. That`s the best way I can put it at this point.

Like before, we will record a demo once the songs are arranged, to listen to and to perfect the material, and to give to Mr. Pip Williams so he can start with the orchestration process. The actual enter-the-studio-date is set for October 15th.Again, the London orchestra and choir will be there, as well as Mr. Troy Donockley playing a slightly bigger part this time. And loads of new elements `n twists we haven`t tried before!

So things are finally rolling. We`ll keep you posted in written, as well as in visual form. Stay tuned for updates.
And thanks for sharing the journey once again!

You can find pictures from our summer-camp gallery -page!

Yours, Tuomas“

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