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Metal Hammer

Redaktionscharts 2018: Felizitas Lang

Felizitas Lang Die besten Alben 2018: Idles JOY AS AN ACT OF RESISTANCE Amyl And The Sniffers BIG ATTRACTION & GIDDY UP Slapshot MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN Clutch BOOK OF BAD DECISIONS Supersuckers SUCK IT The Baboon Show RADIO REBELDE The Dwarves TAKE BACK THE NIGHT Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons THE AGE OF ABSURDITY V8 Wankers FULL PULL BABY! Hell Nation Army ANTHEMS FOR THE MISANTHROPIC Die fünf besten Konzerte 2018: Spermbirds, Berlin, Schokoladen Sonics, Berlin, Lido Idles, Berlin, SO36 Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Spree/Berlin, MS Stralau Zeke, Berlin, Bi Nuu Das beste Festival 2018: Back…
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